thinking: Emotion

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

Woody Allen


With conversations that build trust, earn the right for us to influence and start to exercise our power - we can then connect with emotion.

I think Woody Allen means more than just showing up physically and mentally. I think we need to show up emotionally. Daniel Goleman and Warren Bennis believe emotional intelligence accounts for 85% to 90% of our success at work. One reason is that emotion gives us energy and I’ve yet to meet a successful person who hasn’t worked hard for their success. We need that energy.

A lot of business people don’t get ‘emotion’. They confuse it with being ‘emotional’ and don’t want to be seen that way. They’re right, it isn’t helpful to be consumed by emotion and become emotional. But, it is useful to learn to effectively use emotion to communicate better. Particularly if we are interested in – inspiration, motivation, challenge, trust, loyalty, commitment, confidence, excitement, enthusiasm and urgency. These are emotions and can’t be communicated by just talking about them. We need to feel the emotion.

In business we rely heavily on rational communication – logic, reasons, facts, priorities, evidence, etc. More and more these days there is often a counter argument or opposing reasons. Rational argument isn’t always enough. The difference can be how we use emotion when communicating. We can think about the emotional tone of our communication. We can develop the emotional control to effectively use emotion in business.

Perhaps we should all attend acting classes!

With emotion we have the foundations for leadership.