services: Negotiation Skills workshop


This two-day Negotiation Skills Program focuses on planning and communication skills for formal and informal negotiations. Enhancing an individual's ability to negotiate with greater confidence, control and flexibility. Negotiation styles are fine-tuned to more effectively use individual personal strengths. Participants (6-8) are videoed and coached to be more effective negotiators.

Challenges Addressed:

  • Achieving a win/win outcome using a principled approach to negotiating.
  • Understanding your negotiation style – strengths and weaknesses.
  • Effectively preparing for a negotiation by understanding your counterpart.
  • Building common ground and identifying potential sticking points.
  • Building a strategy, and anticipating and dealing with tactics.
  • Managing difficult negotiations/negotiators.
  • Maintaining control, reaching agreements and locking-in concessions

Key Components:

  • Understanding the dynamics and principles of negotiation.
  • The qualities of an effective negotiator.
  • Planning for a negotiation.
  • Opening and controlling the flow of discussion.
  • Bargaining and concession trading.
  • Advanced communication skills and strategies.
  • Understanding and dealing with tactics.
  • Reaching agreements and closing negotiations effectively.
  • Planning tools and support frameworks and materials.
  • Highly experiential activities and role plays

Outcome / Business Benefit:

  • Achieving better negotiation outcomes.
  • Interacting with more confidence during the negotiation.
  • Handling difficult negotiations with greater control.
  • Enjoying negotiating.




Workshop Duration:

2 days

Expressions of interest:

If your are interested in this workshop for your organisation or as an individual please contact us.