services: Facilitation Skills workshop


In “The 21st-century organisation”, McKinsey (January 2007) describes the growing prominence of knowledge workers. Creating and exchanging knowledge and intangibles through interaction with professional peers is at the very heart of what staff do. But, the inefficiency of professionals has increased along with their prominence (McKinsey Jan 2007). And nothing creates inefficiency faster than a poorly run meeting!!

Challenges Addressed:

  • Running an effective meeting.
  • Building a collaborative atmosphere in meetings.
  • Aligning meetings with organisational direction and strategy.
  • Generating agreement and action plans that are owned by participants.
  • Managing difficult meeting situations.

Outcome / Business Benefit:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of facilitation.
  • creating a collaborative atmosphere during meetings.
  • acquiring the ability to identify and deal with various audiences and difficult individuals.
  • having a ‘tool kit’ of skills, techniques and processes to take groups through a facilitation.
  • being able to add-value to any group process/meeting, avoiding time wasting.
  • enhancing your profile by being seen as a confident, capable, and professional facilitator.
  • being able to generate superior results from groups.

Key Components:

  • Qualities of an effective facilitator – staying present and in control.
  • Facilitation preparation – strategic context, organisational culture, SMART objectives, and audience.
  • Facilitation planning – The Set-up, logistics, ground rules, and structure.
  • Facilitation tools – 5 whys, de Bono’s thinking hats, brainstorming, gap analysis, decision grids, multi-voting, force-field analysis, root cause analysis and systems thinking.
  • Facilitation communication skills – questioning, listening, presenting, actioning and follow-up.
  • Facilitation control – decision philosophy, use of energisers, dealing with conflict, managing difficult participant behaviours.
  • Video role plays and individual coaching.


Workshop Duration:

2 days

Expressions of interest:

If your are interested in this workshop for your organisation or as an individual please contact us.