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Team is important. Everything worthwhile is created through team. And the Katzenbach & Smith research for McKinsey &Co concluded that the untapped performance in teams is enormous. Because none of us is as smart as all of us. Yet many teams fail to live up to this potential because too little focus is spent working ‘on the team’ versus ‘working in the team’.

Challenges Addressed:

  • Raising the performance of the whole team.
  • Dealing with poor performers and performance.
  • Managing competing priorities and expectations.
  • Leading diverse teams.

Outcome / Business Benefit:

  • Improved openness to change.
  • Better intra and inter team relationships.
  • Improved quality of decision making using the power of collaborative thinking.
  • Improved effectiveness of decisions due the greater acceptance of decisions.
  • Greater effectiveness and improved results.
  • Higher productivity.
  • More effective and faster team/individual development.

Key Components:

  • Definition and management of key stakeholder relationships.
  • Commitment to a mutual purpose and focus on key (3-5) drivers.
  • Agreement to team ‘ground rules’ so that everyone is clear about the real expectations of their behaviours within the team.
  • Insights to group decision making using the Human Synergistics team decision simulations and Group Styles Inventory (GSI) tool. So that the team can benchmark team behaviours with high performance teams.
  • Understanding and managing team culture using Human Synergistics Lifestyle – individual behaviours.
  • Communication behaviours that generate constructive team cultures – presentation, influence, negotiation, delegation, collaboration, and facilitation.
  • Ongoing alignment of individual/team behaviours and longer term goals.
  • Pitching team proposals and ideas to decision makers.
  • Creating motivation.
  • Managing beliefs.
  • Understanding and managing change.
  • Effective delegation and leadership.
  • Effective team meetings.


"Me, we" - Mohammed Ali

Workshop/Coaching Duration:

Tailored to need.

Expressions of interest:

If your are interested in this workshop for your organisation or as an individual please contact us.