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Leadership has a lot to do with communication. In fact, that’s all others experience. Either through what we say or how we say it and our behaviours. A lot of leadership development fails because of ‘a failure to communicate’. This happens because leadership development often focuses on developing the wrong things – skills rather than purpose. Skills are important, but not as important as the purpose. Many have done the leadership courses and read the books, but don’t know what they have to say as a leader. They lack their leadership purpose, so any new skills don’t translate to day-to-day communication and behaviours. Because the motivation isn’t strong enough; because there is no connection with the emotional energy required to lead.

Challenges Addressed:

  • Managing the performance of teams.
  • Inspiring others to buy-in with head and heart.
  • Understanding the impact of a leader's behaviour on others.

Outcome / Business Benefit:

  • Influence and engage stakeholders beyond the rational argument.
  • Deliver more compelling and memorable leadership messages. \
  • Connect organisational objectives with personal meaning
  • Build constructive organisational cultures – hearts as well as minds.
  • Be more authentic and spontaneous when interacting with others.
  • Create the energy needed to support high performance and change.
  • Greater leadership presence.

Key Components:

  • Finding your leadership purpose and developing your personal leadership story.
  • Being authentic as a leader.
  • Engaging others with emotion.
  • Aligning leadership behaviours with building a constructive organisational culture.
  • Delegating work to build performance.
  • Understanding self and your impact on others.



Workshop/Coaching Duration:

Tailored to need

Expressions of interest:

If your are interested in this workshop for your organisation or as an individual please contact us.