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It’s easy for personal motives to get in the way of an effective consulting or advisor relationship. It happens in lots of small subtle ways – poor questions, not taking the  time to understand the real issues, poor listening, treating client interactions as transactions, and rushing to quickly to a solution. The consequences are lower trust, slower resolution of  the real issues, and greater tension for both sides of the relationship. The purpose of this page is to describe a necessary skill development program to support the development of effective advisor relationships based on trust. It’s simple but it ain’t easy!

Challenges Addressed:

  • Giving advice to senior managers and politicians.
  • Building strong relationships with more senior managers and external stakeholders.
  • Making unpalatable advice easier to accept.

Outcome / Business Benefit:

  • Providing targeted advice to clients, in a manner that increases their buy-in.
  • Handling difficult relationship issues with confidence and resolving issues without damaging the relationship.
  • Bringing suggestions to clients that add value to the relationship.
  • Having the courage to deepen relationships beyond just your ‘technical expertise’.
  • Enjoying client relationships more.

Key Components:

  • Definitions of relationship – what makes a good relationship.
  • 4 levels of consulting relationships.
  • Assessing the current state of the client relationship.
  • Trust builders and destroyers: Reliability, Credibility, Intimacy and Self Orientation.
  • Understanding clients’ business styles.
  • Building rapport with senior management.
  • Uncovering the client’s real issues and needs.
  • Advisor questioning and listening skills.
  • Framing suggestions to influence senior management.
  • Communication presence – ‘looking like a trusted advisor’.
  • Correctly setting relationship expectations – rules of engagement and establishing a mutual purpose.
  • Dealing with difficult conversations and managing tension.
  • 13 Relationship behaviours that build trust.
  • Planning the relationship – building a communications/interactions plan.


Workshop Duration:

2 days

Expressions of interest:

If your are interested in this workshop for your organisation or as an individual please contact us.